This photo best represents our team approach at OnPage Ideas, Inc.

We are developers, designers and business folks working together for about 13 years. We've also got a group of angel investors and a bunch of great customers who find value in what we offer them.
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What we think

Years of experience have shaped the way we think. Here are some of the lessons we've learned so far:

Improve. Always.

There's always something to learn. In depth or width. Never stop learning. Constantly improve as a person.

Evolve as a team.

Doing things alone has a limit. Evolve as a team and the limit gets skyhigh.

Be honest. Have integrity.

Don't deceive and don't lie. In the long run, it never pays. Be that kind of person you would want to interact with.

Be nice.

Go against conventional wisdom where "nice" and "business" don't go hand in hand. What goes around comes around. There's never a bad time to be surprisingly nice ;-)

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What we do

Generally, we employ technology to build new kinds of human experiences & interactions. Or to improve existing ones. Or sometimes just to make an existing process run better. Here are some examples:


Watchdog Research

Public company risk analysis

Better auction software. Better online results.

Helping visitors meet more campus ambassadors

Who we are

We are a nimble team of entrepreneurial-minded folks. We know how to build products, business plans and marketing strategies, code, design and even hardware manufacturing. We work remotely, we use MacBooks, Slack, Trello and Google Drive/Docs.


Brian Lawe, CEO
Radu Cugut, CTO
Gabriel Kovacs
Dragos Girbovan


Elena Nora Cugut
Mihai Adrian Maghiar
Florin Dumitru
Robert Kis


Alin Paulesc
Andrei Rada
Catalin-Andrei "Bob" Bora
Eamon Lupien


Ciprian Craciun
Nicole Ledesma
Radu Bacaran



Hey, we're expanding our team!

We are looking for talented folks that share the same vision.

Job Opening: Market Research Analyst

September 1st, 2020

Job Description & Duties:
Research market conditions in local, regional, and national areas, gather information to determine potential market for services, product/service demand and pricing. Duties include create and implement marketing campaigns; research, gathering and analyze data on potential competitors/products; research and analyze current and future market conditions, sales trends and methods of marketing and distribution of service to new clients. Develop relationships with potential clientele for company’s services. Ongoing client relationship management gathering data and feedback for analysis and critique. Track effectiveness of marketing programs and strategies and recommend improvements. Develop and find new solutions to problems through direct contact with market and clients and analysis of data. Analyze and create demographic targeting for future expansion and new market and product creation.

Specific Tasks and Time Commitments:
35%   Understand business objectives and products, design questionnaires and methods to discover prospective clients’ preferences and needs. Perform valid and reliable market research. Collect data and analyze potential new markets gathering data on new regions. Collect feedback data on consumers, clients and market place demographics of new regions.
35%   Interpret data and create reports regarding new markets and report on client feedback and create recommendations on new region potentials. Compile and analyze statistical data using modern and traditional methods and convert into understandable reports and presentations.
Interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations and possible solutions. Use online market research and catalog findings. Consolidate information into actionable, reports and presentations. Disseminate back to company.
30%   Communicate with new customers and provide customer service communication.
Remain fully informed on market trends. Measure and assess customer and client satisfaction.
Develop and implement procedures for identifying client need and services feedback.
Travel to new markets in US, Canada and international to communicate with potential clients and local research. Estimated 35% travel.

Proven ability to interpret large amounts of data using statistical techniques and leading software.
Strong communication and presentation skills.
Strong analytical and critical thinking skills.
Demonstrated knowledge, experience and success using:
• Statistical software (SPSS, SAS or similar), databases and MS Office suite (Word, Excel and Access).
• Google Analytics and web analytics.
• Social media analytics.
• Survey and marketing software experience.
• Business research tools.
• Adequate knowledge of and experience with data collection methods (polls, focus groups, surveys etc.).
• Data mining software and Desktop publishing software
• Document Management software.

Minimum education: BA in Business Administration

Experience: Minimum 1 year experience as Market Research Analyst, Customer Service, or combination thereof.

Submit your job application (cover letter & resume) to